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Dellner Brakes is a  family owned business that develops, manufactures, markets and maintains brake solutions for industrial, marine, oil, gas and wind energy applications worldwide.

The company was founded in Sweden in 1941 by Master of Science Jan Dellner. We are now part of the global Dellner Bubenzer Group, along with Pintsch Bubenzer and Rima, and all these companies are part of the global Dellner Group.

Dellner Brakes acquired German wind brake specialist JHS in September 2018 US brake and clutch company Gummi USA in September 2017.

Hard at work, all over the world

Our superior products are precision designed and tested by our skilled engineers, and you can find them hard at work all over the world. Applications include, for example, marine propulsion, dredging, wind and other renewable energy, oil and gas drilling, mining, quarrying, forestry, heavy lifting, general industry and pulp/paper manufacture.

Dellner Brakes is a world leader in marine braking applications. Our products are mounted in large military ships including the UK Royal Navy’s new Queen Elizabeth Class aircraft carriers, oil tankers, freight ships, ferries, luxury yachts, prestigious cruise liners such as Queen Mary 2 and sailing ships such as the Gothenburg, a replica of an original ship launched in 1738.

Our JHS range of lightweight, noise-free systems for braking and gliding processes in wind turbines set standards for the industry and are used worldwide by nearly all leading manufacturers of wind power plants.

You can also find our products hard at work in cranes, winches and industrial vehicles.

We operate globally and have facilities in Sweden, Germany, Belgium, Italy, USA, Dubai, India, Malaysia, Singapore and China.

World beating products – continuous innovation

Our superior, cost effective systems, products and components come in a range of standard sizes and our pneumatic clutches and brakes are fully interchangeable with all other  brands in the market today.

And if you need something custom built, then our expert teams regularly work with customers to develop tailor made systems that perfectly match their requirements.

Producing customised products in close collaboration with our customers is part of our day-to-day work and, using different combinations of our own standard products, we can develop competitively priced, customised solutions for a wide variety of applications. It was requirements from a world-leading, renowned propeller manufacturer that led to the development of our unique STL™  (stopping, turning, locking) system – and several of our locking devices are based on products originally devised for a multinational motor manufacturer. We have also repeatedly succeeded in taking the learnings and solutions we have developed for one industry to benefit another. Innovation is at our core, and is something we pride ourselves on.

Quality certified manufacturing

Dellner Brakes has high technical competence and our staff work daily with mechanical, electric and hydraulic construction, assembly and testing. With more than 50 years of experience under our belts and our commitment to cutting edge design, robust assembly and precision testing, you can count on robust, reliable products of the highest quality, every time.

  • Dellner Brakes AB has a quality management system that is certified according to ISO 9001:2015 and we are very careful with documenting our systems, our progress and our unique solutions.
  • Dellner Industrial Inc maintains ABS (American Bureau of Shipping) and PDA (Product Design Approval) as well as Product Type Approval for their FM and FKT series of clutches and brakes.

For more information, please see our quality and certification page.

Cleaner and greener

As an organisation, we have strong environmental credentials. We have developed the world’s first all electric ‘stopping, turning, locking’ (STL) system in direct response to the increased global focus on green issues. Our new BUEL STL system is environmentally friendly too, using only half a litre of high performance synthetic oil, compared to as much as 30 litres of hydraulic oil in standard hydraulic power units.

Our wind division has ISO certification for environmental management and has made noise reduction the core focus of product development, recognising that noise prevention plays a substantial role in the overall acceptance of wind energy. These products set standards for the wind industry and are used worldwide by nearly all leading manufacturers of wind power plants.

We love brake systems!

Dellner Brakes’ ambition is to always offer the market’s best brake solutions. That means that, while our products may not always have the lowest initial price, on the whole a brake solution from us will save you money in the long run. As a Dellner Brakes customer, you can count on reliable products of the best quality and a partner with great, personal commitment and a keen interest in all kinds of brake solutions.

With Dellner Brakes, every customer is a VIP

Every one of our customers is assured of priority treatment – from the individual farmer needing a new brake for a windmill to leading multi-national manufacturers of, for example, mining equipment, propulsion (axle lines/gear boxes) or cranes. Flexibility is a watchword and a ‘normal’ order could be anything from a single item to thousands of units. As well as development, manufacturing and sales, Dellner Brakes also offers professional, on-site field service.

Fast and flexible

Our company is small and flexible, which allows us to adapt quickly to meet changing market and customer needs. And, through the global Dellner Group, we also benefit from access to production, sales and service facilities all over the world.

From our strategically located warehouses – and working with a global network of dedicated contractors and distributors – we can ship any component or spare part anywhere in the world in just 24 hours. We also stock a range of finished clutch / brake units and critical spare parts for ‘stopping, turning, locking’ and other braking systems.

Our customers stay with us a long time

Quality combined with perceptiveness and a genuine commitment has resulted in our collaborating with many of our customers for more than 20 years, some for as long as 40 years. Our staff enjoys their workplace, which is shown by Dellner Brakes’ low staff turnover.

We look forward to hearing from you

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