Quality certified manufacturing

Dellner Brakes has high technical competence and our staff work daily with mechanical, electric and hydraulic construction, assembly and testing. Our organisation is small and flexible, with high accessibility and fast decision-making.

Dellner Brakes AB has a quality management system that is certified according to ISO 9001:2015 and we are very careful with documenting our systems, our progress and our unique solutions.

Customised turn-key solutions are our specialty. Using different combinations of our own standard products, we can offer price-valued, perfectly customised solutions for a range of different applications. We have also repeatedly succeeded, with very good results, in the further development of brake solutions for one special industry, based on the experience we have amassed from another.

For our pneumatic brakes and clutches, we only use the best materials and precise welding, machining and milling methods throughout our manufacturing and fabrication process. From the best available lots of RSS1 natural rubber to the highest quality ingredients in our friction material compounds, we know the importance of delivering a quality product, day in and day out.

Dellner Industrial Inc. maintains ABS (American Bureau of Shipping) and PDA (Product Design Approval) as well as Product Type Approval for their FM and FKT series of clutches and brakes used in the marine and oilfield industries. Certifications and audits are performed by ABS Americas and ABS Argentina under certificate No. 09/HS457078-2PDA.

Download Dellner Industrial Inc. ABS certificate

Our wind division has obtained the following certificates for the sector ‘Production and distribution of system elements for the implementation of sliding, gliding and braking processes in the machine building industry, especially for wind power turbines and its service’.

Five of our wind turbine braking products have also gained independent GL Type Certification, which demonstrates that their design delivers performance and safety in accordance with international standards and systems. You can download the certificates for each product by clicking on the links below.

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