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Sweden’s Dellner Group with its subsidiary Dellner Brakes has signed an agreement to acquire German industrial braking manufacturer Pintsch Bubenzer in a deal that will pave the way for the companies’ rapid global expansion.

This acquisition is being carried out in partnership with investment company Active Ownership Capital and comes just four months after Dellner Brakes acquired US brake and clutch company Gummi USA. It is a significant step in the Swedish company’s focused ambition to become the world’s leading supplier of brakes and related power transmission products.

Pintsch Bubenzer is a globally leading manufacturer of brakes for harbour container cranes and has around 300 employees. Dellner Brakes and Pintsch Bubenzer will continue to operate both brands from their existing global locations(1). Furthermore, the enlarged group plans to open several new offices around the world over the next 12 months.

Dellner Brakes CEO Marcus Aberg said: “This acquisition is a strategic decision and marks the start of a new era for our organisation. It will facilitate major global expansion for both companies and will also enable us to build the Dellner Brakes and Pintsch Bubenzer brands in the industrial market sector. This is the ideal match for us – Dellner Brakes is a key player in the marine braking market and, with Pintsch

Bubenzer’s industrial prowess and leading position in the container cranes brake system market, our two companies complement each other perfectly. We certainly have an exciting future ahead.”

Pintsch Bubenzer HQ and production centre in Kirchen, German

Both companies operate globally offering braking products for a range of applications including materials and container handling, industrial automation, ports and shipping, mining, wind energy, oil and gas. The companies share a strong focus on innovation, technological leadership, high quality products and customer service, and both offer bespoke, tailor made solutions alongside their standard product ranges. Dellner Brakes are pioneers of the groundbreaking ‘stopping, turning, locking’ (STL) system including a world first, patent pending all electric version. Notable products from Pintsch Bubenzer include its new, patented BUEL® electro hydraulic thruster.

Pintsch Bubenzer CEO Markus Topp said: “We are delighted to become part of such an ambitious, well-respected company as Dellner. Together we will continue to develop our companies to the benefit of our customers, our suppliers and our employees. This partnership provides a strong and stable platform from which to realise our full growth potential. We look forward to driving the business forward to achieve our expansion goals and serve our global customer base an even wider product and service portfolio.”

View financial press release from Pintsch Bubenzer’s parent company Schaltbau Holding AG

Notes to editors

(1) Formed in the 1960s, Dellner Brakes AB has its HQ, manufacturing and innovation centre in Borlange, Sweden, a major facility in the USA (Houston, Texas) and sales offices in the Netherlands and China. The company employs 26 people and is part of the Dellner group, which has more than 700 employees worldwide.

Pintsch Bubenzer was formed in 2007 as a merger between Bubenzer Bremsen (founded in 1958) and the industrial brake division of Pintsch Bamag (founded in 1924). With more than 300 employees, the company has its HQ and main production plant in Kirchen (Germany), a further production plant in Dinslaken (Germany), an R&D facility in Betzdorf (Germany) and five service centres in the US, Malaysia, the United Arab Emirates, Singapore and China.

(2) Dellner Brakes’ core product range includes hydraulic and electric disc brakes, turning and locking devices and, through the Dellner Gummi USA brand, pneumatic drum brakes and clutches, shaft couplings and rotary unions.

Pintsch Bubenzer designs and produces hydraulic, pneumatic and electromagnetically powered disc, band, drum and motor integrated brakes along with actuators and other accessories. Specific applications for container handling cranes include wheel, rail and chassis brakes; monitoring, control and anti-snag systems; buffers and couplings.

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