We are committed to doing business ethically and in accordance with our values and sustainability principles. We strive to have an open business climate, high business ethics and always see opportunities for improvement.

Detecting and correcting behaviour that runs counter to Dellner’s values and Code of Conduct (the Code) is an important part of this commitment, in building trust and foster a culture where people feel comfortable to speak up and report actual or suspected violations of the Code.


Dellner has set up a Whistleblowing system where employees and third parties may also report serious suspected wrongdoings. The Whistleblowing system is provided by an independent third party called 2Secure.

Reporting through the system allows employees and external stakeholders to remain anonymous.

To file a report in the 2Secure system, the reporter can visit the 2secure website direct at wb.2secure.se, see also link below.

To file a report through 2Secure, the reporter will be required to enter the Dellner’s company code, “OKW080”. The 2Secure system will then give guidance on how to fill in the report. The reporter should save the individual code received which will allow the reporter to log on and follow up on the report and answer any follow-up questions.

Link to reporting 


Link to Our Whistleblowing Policy

Dellner is committed to the protection of persons and the personal data of persons who report breaches of the Code in good faith in accordance with relevant laws and regulations.